Friedrich Hayek – Governing from the Grave

Prof. Richard Belanger, a Canadian lecturer at the Dr. Sarvelpalli Radhakrishnan Technical Institute in Mahler, addressed a group of students at the Annie Sullivan University in June, and expressed his concerns regarding globalization and the rightwing policies that have dominated Western politics in recent years. To a great extent he blames the ramblings of Friederich Hayek for this dog eat dog movement that has little regard for those who are not prepared to be aggressive and unprincipled . Hayek, a recipient of the Nobel Prize for Economics was a believer in a free marketplace with little or no interference from governments and, according to Belanger, was the darling of petty dictators such as Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

“The success of the Republic of Morlimoria would have inconceivable to Hayek, he said, “He would not have thought it possible for a caring, sharing society to succeed, and as somewhat of a racist he would have been amazed how races and cultures have blended in this country.”

Belanger went on to say that Hayek is still reaching out from the grave to influence movements like the Tea Party in the United States and even Prime Minister Harper in his native Canada. “People have fought and died to establish a society where money is not the only measure of a man’s worth and now there are those who are prepared to tear it all apart.” He concluded by saying, “Please be proud of what has been accomplished here you don’t have a dam thing to be ashamed of.”

Gordon Still at Odds with the Olympics

Gordon Keeble-Chevre says that he will watch some of the events at the London Olympics in spite of his recent criticism of the event. “I’m naturally curious about what’s going on,” he said, “But I still stand by my statement that when you use science and technology to develop high performance equipment; hire medical teams to enhance the physique and dangle financial carrots in front of athletes like TV commercial contracts, you have strayed from what I consider to be sport.”

The Secretary of Sports and Recreation came under fire from some Olympic fans when he made the statement on the Christos Calas-Amaldi Show recently. The producers received dozens of emails saying that the Secretary was in fact “A spoil sport.” However, he also had considerably support including that of some local athletes who see the spectacle as one big commercial venture. “It’s strayed so far from the ideals envisioned by Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the Modern Olympic Movement,” said javelin thrower Katie Prior-Newman, “He founded the movement back in 1894 as a purely amateur event and that’s how I’d like to see it again.”

Kyaw Thein-Nweh signs with City

Kyaw Thein-Nweh, the striker for Copland Albion, has signed a contract to play for Van Rijn City next season. Albion manager Lars Pereira-Hosk says he hates to lose Kyaw but he couldn’t match the offer from City. It was only last year that he lost two players to the same team, Martin Oland-Turay and Freddie Ansari-Cooper, and both played an important role in helping their new side to win the National Cup. Albion, who haven’t won the cup in 16 years, are unlikely to do so if their best players continue to be siphoned off by the richer team.

Marijuana Growers Sentenced

Hasan Tajik-Raslan and Robert Rim-Beyer were sentenced to five years “Supervision” today for operating a commercial marijuana growing operation near Mount Kantemir. This means their movements will be monitored; they will be required to do 4 hours community service per week; report to the police once a week; and they must surrender their passports. The two men, who are both in their 50’s, used to run a small bakery in Mount Kantemir that went bankrupt two years ago. Tajik-Raslan, in his defense, said they had only started growing the drug to pay off their debts. Judge Andrea Duffy-Crawford said that although their commitment to their creditors was admirable it didn’t make their actions anymore legal.

Get Ready for your News in Latin!

Slightly eccentric Buddy Bond-Fernandez, the franchisee for Radio 1240 in Holbein, is noted for his occasional weird music choices and his website “Crazy Stuff.” Now Buddy is about to support Secretary of Education Ellie Wang-Davidson’s idea about increasing the use of Latin in the country. Buddy proposes to put out a daily ten minute newscast in the ancient tongue. “My newsreader Mary Hussein-Khan does a lovely job of reading it and we have a couple of writers anxious to put their school language arts classes to some use. We are not the first to do this,” says Buddy, “A radio station in Finland does the same thing and they get 75,000 listeners, we’re hoping that we might get just as many and if any business out there wants to do their commercials in Latin we’re volunte et parati” he smiled. The program is due to go on air on the 21st of this month.

Strict Gun Laws Challenged

Kenny Stainsby-Bowes, the representative for Fitzgerald County introduced a bill that would in effect give the same rights to urban long gun owners as farmers. He claims that urbanites having to keep the weapons locked up in a registered gun club while farmers can keep them in their homes in discriminatory and unjust.

Secretary Taylor Holloway-Brown said that although it might be a little unfair for two standards to apply, it must be understood that farmers often need their guns to protect life stock from predators while those living in towns and cities use them purely for recreation. “Allowing all citizens to have guns in their homes would dramatically increase accidents and there’s no doubt there would be an increase in gun crime.” he said. He went on to point that Morlimoria has one of the lowest incidents of gun crime and accidents in the world and he didn’t think that anyone would want to change that.

After the vote his assumption was proved to be correct.

Thora Jumps in where Sensible People Fear to Tread!

The National Assembly Chairperson, Johnathon White-Mosley was confronted with a slightly embarrassing situation today when Liszt County Representative Thora Thoms-Sondergaard, asked if he thought it was ethical for him to spend week-ends at the Lake Vermeer summer home of industrialist Kenny Stainby –Boyes. Chairperson White-Mosley seemed a little agitated by this question but explained that as he had no voting rights in the assembly he could not see any impropriety in the association.

“My family and Kenny’s family have been friends for many years and I certainly have no intention of breaking that relationship. If, like you I was entitled to vote on issues that my might involve Kenny or any other businessperson I would most certainly expect to be censured by this assembly but the fact is,” he continued with a hint of sarcasm. “ I don’t wield the enormous power that you do Thora.”

After a few laughs erupted and Representative Thoms-Sondergaard sat down looking as if she’d been chastised the Chairperson asked if anyone wished to pursue this matter further and as no one leapt to their feet the issue was closed.